4 Places To Touch Your Man

4 Places To Touch Your Man
His Lower Back

…and when I say lower back ladies – I mean, right above his crack. The ass is a bit of a no-go-area when it comes to most guys – God knows why, they’re really missing out! Tell your man you’re simply going to massage the muscles in his lower back. Have him lay on his stomach and straddle one of his legs so you’re in a comfortable position. Starting at the bottom of his back, place the heels of your hands either side of his spine, and rub firmly outward toward his sides. Gradually work your way down toward his ass inch by inch until you’re actually there. Spend some time on the area then work your way back up again. This will help reduce any tension-induced stiffness, making his feel looser so he can move his hips more freely later on…

A word of advice: Don’t ask if he enjoyed your ‘massage’ afterwards. If he doesn’t stop you, it means he’s enjoyed it – if you ask, there’s a good chance he’ll get sensitive about it.

His Forearm

OK, so there are two target pleasure areas on the forearm. The first is the smooth underside to your guy’s forearm, which is highly sensitive due to the thinner skin layer. The second is the top of your guy’s forearm which is also extra sensitive due to the nerve-filled hair follicles. Face your man and gently place your hands around each forearm. Using your thumbs, gently massage down his arms until you can see him visibly starting to relax. The combination of stress-relief and physical contact will make him crave you more – just watch he doesn’t fall asleep!

His Inner Thigh

The inner thigh is another area that many women actually neglect to explore. The fact that you’re giving this new area attention may be a shock to him at first, but trust me, this will only turn him on more. Your attention down there will get your guy’s blood pumping in all the right areas, resulting in an even harder erection. Have your man lay on the bed and gently, but firmly, spread his legs apart to reveal his inner thighs. No stroke, kiss and lick your way up to his package, encouraging the blood flow to move up in the right direction…

His Jawline

A man’s jawline is a symbol of his masculinity but rarely gets any attention from the female race. When you touch his jawline, you’re subconsciously reassuring him that he’s masculine which will release all the right hormones… oh and you know that stubble? Well, it’s not just there to look good, giving it a gently stroke will set off thousands of pleasure receptors that reside in the hair follicles. Try holding his jaw and pulling him in for a slow, seductive kiss…

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