When You’ve Had Enough Of Life…

When You’ve Had Enough Of Life…

When you’ve had enough of life your possibilities are endless. We often pass the boredom blame to someone/something else, but the truth of the matter is, the only person that stands between you and self-fulfilment is yourself (and since when did we ever let ourselves get the better of us?) The best way to create excitement is change and a good place to start is one of the following…

Go Travelling

Don’t make excuses about saving for this or waiting for that – if you don’t plan to travel now when exactly do you plan to do it? There’s a big wide world out there waiting for you to explore and all you’ve got to do is get online and book your ticket out of here…no planning necessary. Seeing the world will give you the culture shock and adreneline rush you need. You’ll even feel emotions you forgot about and you’ll certainly appreciate life more. On your return (however long that is) you’ll feel refreshed and exhilirated – ready to start all over again.

Take Up A Hobby

Remember that language you always wanted to learn? Or that instrument you always wanted to play? Well now is the time to do it. Picking up something new will give you the change you need while occupying the spare time you used to use being upset about your life. It’ll give you a new purpose and help you feel positive about things as you gradually build up your new skills. Everyone should have a hobby no matter what start yours now!

Change Your Job

Depending on who you are, you might get bored of a job in 6 months or hold out for 6 years. Whatever your occupation boredom threshold is, I recommend you change your job before you reach it. The same place, same people, same work might seem easy and comfortable, but soon enough your mind will be itching for a new challenge and if you deny yourself it, you’ll only end up feeling unfulfilled.


I can’t stress enough how many endorphines your body releases during exercise and this really helps you bring balance and positivity to your mind. You don’t have to be partiularly fit, or need the aspirations to have a body like Beyonce, what you do need though is a little get up and go. Go for a walk with your girls or your boyfriend, take up swimming once or twice a week – or make a pact with yourself to drop a dress size. Whatever it is make it goal related so you can measure your success and go for it – when you start to see the physical and mental difference, you won’t want to stop!


  1. Oh, yeah, well with my house burned down and everything I own gone, including my dog. . . with a suicide of a very close family member. . . with my identity stolen and all my money gone, and with my partner now wishing to leave and go live with his kids . . .I really don’t think any of your suggestions are going to help. I have no family and live in a very very hostile environment in the Arctic and have lost everything, including addresses and contact information of my friends. I really don’t have a damn thing worth living for. I walk every day, my hobby burned up and I don’t have any money to start again. So, excuse me if I am feeling somewhat bitter and twisted.

  2. How in the world am i supposed to keep hoing on like this?4/11 is my birthday so my 9 yearold said have a party.well 1 person came to eat.i am in fl. now 8 years and have no friends.i need to know how other than praying just how
    much more i can take.i need friends here peopl r not nice i am
    very respectful of others and get zip back.i am need friends who will open there homes and huge. soul and share with a real person.

  3. Help me?
    I Am not crazy just alone

  4. I was all alone and lonely, looking for friends also when I lived in the U.S.. Both PA and TX. That all changed when I moved to Mexico. The people and culture and values are different here. The people are warm and friendly, genuine and caring. It’s because family, not money, is number 1 here. Hence, people care about people and not about stuff and themselves. Much easier to make friends with the willing.

  5. Ain’t had enough of life just the same shit different day! Had a girlfriend for six years and she fucked me over with my best mate and told everyone all the bad about me. Four years on struggling for friends and afraid to commit again hear I am. Wasted untold money popping back and forth to Thailand trying to chase happiness that real was not the it just blocked the real life crud out! I have a massive lovely family I cannot seem to connect with after smoking weed through depression and now I have been over that for a year I seem to now be sniffing cocaine!! Mylifes not going no were I am a hard working roofer lead plumber buy trade had a family business that I been working for since I was 15 and I’m proud of every job I do. I have done motocross since I was 11 and am very good at it although I have broken 15 bones and metal on both legs lol including 12 screws. All I wanted in life just ain’t happened. I still live with my parents at 29 In a week. I expected to be married and have children and a lovely house buy now but all the brick I built in life I have now sold and pissed down the drain. This ain’t depression talking it’s just the real me coming out. I need to make life changes and if there is ANYONE out there no matter were I will knock everything on the head just to have a chance to start new. I’m a very athletic guy easy going and hard working very copulative. always fun to be around and jokes alot but very shy to begin with. I’m White British and blonde bout 5foot 8. Have not got any g.c.s.e s due to being abit of a pain at school and breaks of bones due to the moto cross. I will kick your ass on a bike though ;0). Im not a weed smoker or a coke head im a adrenaline junky what I’m going through is just not me I will not fail to disserpoint I just need that opportunity in life! Some people are far more worse of than me but this is just a try for a change that is far over due!

  6. Joseph read your blog, been there done it. my advice stop drinking and defo stop the drugs.

  7. it wont get any better,for a while you think it does,but then it gets worse again

  8. you had something good in the past,as much as you wish it wont come back,and if it does it wont be the same,it all builds to stress,very sad.

  9. Sometimes it’s easier said than done. If you have a rough obstacle in your life some people can cry, wipe their tears and dust yourself off. Other still have a string of infused bad luck and think “what’s the point”. I’m not a therapist or a positive well-being worker. All I can say is in life there is no rule book to live your life. Try and take everyday as it comes and the end of the day reflect on it.
    I bet once today you have smiled or laughed about something. That’s a good start.
    Hopefully things will get easier in time. Don’t wish bad on yourself.

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