S CLUB HOT! Aaron Renfree grows up!

S CLUB HOT! Aaron Renfree grows up!

Who remembers this cute little face? This was Aaron Renfree as most of us would remember him as part of S Club Juniors and subsequently S Club 8 here in the UK.

This is him now in a recent photoshoot by Adam Bouska… yes ladies… I don’t think it’s just his face were going to be remembering from now on eh!?

If you want to see Aaron in the flesh, (as if we haven’t seen enough all ready!) He’s dancing in the hit west end musical We Will Rock You at the moment. Get your tickets here.

Just thought it point out this observation…just look at his chest – gotta love a bit of male waxing! Back to work! :)

Mike x

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  1. Wow – there’s not much I can say other than that! Amazing what difference some years make! :D X

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