Mariah’s Having Twins?!

Mariah’s Having Twins?!

No way! Can there be no end to the speculation? First we all debate if she’s preggers and now this! In a recent interview while promoting her new Christmas album, “Merry Christmas II You” Mariah said she often sings her new songs to her baby bump, jokingly mentioning “I just hope that they don’t turn out hating Christmas!”

Sorry…. THEY?! Meaning two?! Come on… is this for real, or just a slip of the tongue? Could Mariah really be having twins?

Thinking about it, I think we should have kept our mouths shut to save everyone the gossip agony of waiting… But then again, it won’t be that long until we will all find out one way or the other.

Her new single “Oh Santa” is out for the holidays and is below. What do you think?

Mike x


  1. Uhm, or maybe she said ‘they’ because she doesn’t know the gender? o.O

  2. You could be right there Leanne! ;-) xx

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