Cilla Black Corrie Cameo

Cilla Black Corrie Cameo

Surprise, surprise! Blind Date’s Cilla Black might be back on TV before the year is out…

The television veteran has let slip that producers of UK soap Coronation Street have been trying to sign her up in a permanent role for ages, however she keeps saying no.

Although now she’s hinted that a cameo role may be on the cards, as long as she doesn’t have to sign up for anything long-term.

She said, “They have asked me to join the show. It’s not their first approach – they have asked me several times. I love Corrie, but I keep saying no. I couldn’t cope with the hours they do, they work them like dogs. It’s really hard work. It would be nice perhaps to do a cameo. If the role was right, I would do a one-off thing.”

Cilla would be awesome in Corrie… I say she should go for it.

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