Why Women Should Wear More Dresses

Why Women Should Wear More Dresses
why-women-should-wear-more-dresses1. They Show Off Your Femininity

Nothing in fashion is more feminine than women’s dresses. Putting on a dress is a chance to be girly and bring back memories of your childhood – dancing around in your Mum’s dresses. The modern day Gal has very much lost the traditional female role in society but that doesn’t mean you can’t show off the woman in you now and again.

2. They’re Something Men Can’t Wear

This is a good’un. Luckily, dresses aren’t available for  men to wear in mainstream fashion. Women can practically wear everything that men can and more – including dresses and heels. This totally gives women the upper hand because you’re able to do something men can’t!

3.  They Get You Noticed

A dress will always get you noticed over any other outfit. What do celebrities wear on the red carpet? Dresses of course! This is for a reason too…next time you go on a  date or even a job interview, consider a dress that’ll leave your potential boyfriend or boss something to remember you by…

4. There Are Styles For Every Occasion

You can get party dresses, evening dresses, business dresses, sexy dresses – and the list goes on. More girls should integrate dresses into their day-to-day styling – most dress cuts can be very flattering for the female figure.


  1. I love dresses.

  2. i agree but its finding them thats hard. well is for me anyways

  3. Dresses seemed to go away with the whole idea of dressing nicely since women tend to wear jeans and a top nowadays. Thank goodness even in cold areas of the world there are lovely dresses made of sweater material which you can pair with leggings beautifully. Any dress still manages to make a man weak.

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